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The Bentley Sustainability Council

Introducing the Council
Bentley has embarked on a journey to become the leader in sustainable luxury mobility and, as part of the business’ Beyond100 Strategy Bentley has committed to end-to-end carbon neutrality by 2030. To achieve this, Bentley will produce 100% Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) by 2030 and will be producing solely Plug-In Hybrids and BEVs by 2026.

Having had the factory in Crewe already certified carbon neutral since 2018, Bentley is constantly looking at ways to continue the company's accelerated trajectory on its decarbonisation journey, and a key milestone in that journey is the launch of Bentley's Sustainability Council.

The Council,  comprised of Dr Sally Uren, Dr Andrew Dent and Dr Nicholas Garrett,  aims to bring external voices and ideas, to challenge Bentley on its sustainability strategy and targets, and to drive the brand toward its 2030 goals and beyond. Read more about them below.

As an advisory body to the Bentley Board of Management, as well as the Sustainability Committee, members of the Bentley Sustainability Council will play a key role in guiding the biggest transformation the automotive industry will have ever seen. With their expertise and practical knowledge, the council members will both individually and collectively drive the luxury marque’s thinking, its strategy, and the decisions the brand makes on its sustainability journey.

The Aims, Scope and Objectives of the Sustainability Council
The Council’s efforts will bring outside stakeholder perspectives into Bentley’s approach to sustainability and evaluate Bentley’s sustainability performance. Through this forum the Council's objectives are:

  • Be change agents for Bentley
  • Independently challenge the company’s overall sustainability strategy, to ensure its relevance, fitness for purpose and future proofing
  • Drive a state-of-the-art, ‘thought leadership’ approach to sustainability
  • Advise on best practice, mega trends and medium to long-term issues
  • Review and advise on the sustainability reporting structure and approach

The initial sustainability focus areas for the Council will be; decarbonisation, sourcing of sustainable materials, a carbon neutral and transparent supply chain, and circular economy.

Council members:

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Dr Sally Uren, OBE, Chief Executive, Forum for the Future

Dr Sally Uren is Chief Executive at Forum for the Future, an International non-profit organisation, with overall responsibility for delivering Forum’s mission to accelerate  to accelerate transformation to a just and regenerative future by catalysing transformational change in global systems. This involves working with leading global organisations,non profit, membership and philanthropic organisations both in one to one partnerships, and also as part of multi-stakeholder collaborations designed to address complex challenges in systems as diverse as food, energy, apparel and shipping.

As a globally recognised expert in sustainable development with deep experience in strategy and project delivery across multiple sectors and her experience having been an Independent Chair and/or Member of numerous Advisory Boards, Sally Uren provides a well-rounded knowledge base with passion for system changes and future regeneration at the forefront.

With a PHD in Environemntal Science from Imperial College London, and an OBE recipient for service to sustainable business, she is well and truly a figure-head and spokesperson for the global journey to sustainable and regenerative best practice.

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Dr Andrew Dent, EVP of Materials Research, Material ConneXion

Dr Andrew Dent is one of the world's leading authorities on sustainable materials in design, having played an integral role in creating a new generation of more sustainable products. As the Executive Vice-President at Material ConneXion, Dent has helped hundreds of clients, in a wide-variety of fields, with innovative development of their products through the use of revolutionary materials.

His expertise, having been nurtured through a PHD in Material Science from the University of Cambridge, have lent themselves to a wide-spectrum of forums from being a frequent speaker on sustainable and innovative material strategies at TED, to Co-authoring a Material Innovation book series, which includes, Product Design and Architecture and contributions to numerous other well-cited publications.

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Dr Nicholas Garrett, Co-founder and Director, RCS Global Group

Dr Nicholas Garrett, as the Co-founder and CEO of RCS Global, is world-renowned for his assurance and strategic advisory leadership of responsible sourcing of natural resources throughout the sustainable production supply chain. Having advised some of the most respected companies and institutions in the world, including our very own parent-company Volkswagen Group, his core focus remains driving a positive ESG impact.

A trusted expert, quoted and cited widely across a plethora of media platforms- aided by his multilingualism and PHD from Freie Universitat (Berlin), Nicholas has over 15 years of corporate experience in the field and so has undeniable grasp on the desire for sustainability and the innate challenges faced especially in the automotive industry.

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