Our journey to sustainability

At Bentley, we’ve been making sure our customers enjoy extraordinary journeys for over a century. Now, we’re taking the next step on our own extraordinary journey – one towards a particularly ambitious destination that sees Bentley becoming the most sustainable luxury automotive brand in the world. This is the route we plan to take:

  • We’re introducing two plug-in hybrid models within the next 12 months. This will be followed by the release of a plug-in option for every model by 2023
  • We’ll launch our first ever electric vehicle in 2025, which will also be the world’s first luxury car to be carbon-neutral over its entire lifetime
  • By 2026, we will have embraced electrification, producing only plug-in hybrid vehicles and battery electric vehicles
  • We have committed to further reducing the environmental impact of our factory by 75% by 2025 – which includes going plastic-neutral, too
  • We’re also aiming to be end-to-end carbon-neutral by 2030, going on to become climate-positive with all of our operations at Crewe
  • Every car we create from 2030 onwards will be a battery electric vehicle

These commitments – which form part of our “Beyond100” strategy – mean we will go from being the world’s largest producer of 12-cylinder engines to having no internal combustion engines in a single decade – a real transformation, but one that stays true to W. O. Bentley’s iconic vision: ‘to build a fast car, a good car, the best in its class.’

Our journey also involves us looking at our entire production process. The Bentley factory in Crewe is already the first luxury car factory in the world to be certified carbon-neutral by the Carbon Trust – and now we’re planning to go further still. Our goal to become an entirely end-to-end carbon-neutral organisation by 2030 would be another world first.

Our customers have always demanded cars that combine stunning design, exceptional craftsmanship and thrilling performance, and we will continue to deliver exactly that. But the luxury consumers of today and tomorrow are also looking for a brand-new form of sustainable and ethical luxury – and that’s what “Beyond100” will create.

For over 100 years, Bentley has defined grand touring. Now we’re going to redefine it. Join us on this next step of our extraordinary journey.