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Sustainable Retailers

In 2022, 62% of our global retailer network were certified as carbon neutral and have ambitions to reduce their carbon footprint every year. Our customers have expectations that we will take a leadership position in relation to sustainability and the first physical touch point for our customers is the retailer network.

As such, we recognise the importance of nurturing a close relationship with our retailers to ensure a best-in-class experience. Bentley has set itself a target to ensure 100% of our global retailers are carbon neutral by 2025, with annual interim targets to monitor progress.

Efforts to meet this target are well underway and, in 2022 we overachieved on our interim annual target of 30%, with 62% of global retailers achieving certified carbon neutral status. Having certified 100% of UK retailers as carbon neutral for 2020, we have now re-certified for 2021.

We work in partnership with the Carbon Trust to calculate the carbon footprint of our retailers, including greenhouse gases emissions, refrigerants and any Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) emissions. Carbon footprints include both the emissions produced by the electrical power required to operate a showroom, and those created by fleet vehicles, demonstrator and staff cars. Our retailers use this final carbon footprint data to calculate the quantity of Gold Standard certified carbon offsets they must purchase to ensure carbon neutrality, if required.

To find out more on the carbon neutral certification process undertaken by our Bentley retailer networks around the world, explore the links below. 

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