Business and Human Rights

Bentley is committed to fulfilling the social responsibilities that accompany its status as a company with global supply-chains and reach. We are committed to protecting the freedom and dignity of individuals throughout all stages of our business, as well as the observance of fundamental freedoms regardless of gender, nationality, sexuality, origin, ethnic group, religion, or any other characteristic. Bentley stands firm in defending these unalienable rights.

As part of this, and alongside the wider Volkswagen Group, we follow the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, which refer in particular to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO (International Labour Organisation) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights of Work.
The Volkswagen Group Social Charter outlines the Group-wide commitments to Business and Human Rights. This important document sets the commitments outlined by several international conventions and declarations. This can be found here.

Additionally, a steadfast observance of Human Rights defines the relationships we have with our suppliers and business-partners. Business partners are required to abide by the principles laid out in the Code of Conduct for Business Partners which can be found here, and participate in Code of Conduct training on a regular basis.

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