The Future



The EXP 100 GT is the confluence of both Bentley’s first 100 and next 100 years. The EXP 100 GT is born from Bentley DNA and inspired by our customers. It is designed to enhance and enrich every journey and the lives of everyone who drives it. Powertrains and technology have changed significantly since Bentley’s first car, the EXP I, but innovations don’t erode our identity, they enhance it. Sustainable materials fuse with tailored technology throughout the car, delivering effortless interaction between human and machine. The EXP 100 GT utilises Artificial Intelligence (AI) to predict human emotions and behaviour, to make the next journey even more intuitive. Four electric motors ensure optimum control via torque vectoring, while the Next Generation Traction Drive applies 50% more power, with 35% less mass. Bentley looks forward to the next 100 years of producing the world’s leading luxury cars through sustainable means that have positive impacts on the environment, the community and Colleagues.

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