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2020 was the ninth consecutive year in which Bentley was named as one of Britain’s Top Employers by the Top Employers Institute.

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Bentley actively practises and promotes equal opportunities and diversity in all aspects of its operations. The company promotes equal opportunities through being a member of the ‘30% Club’ which aims to increase the number of women involved in senior leadership positions within business. Bentley aims to ensure Colleagues can develop their potential regardless of status, background and personal characteristics.

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Bentley Colleagues have access to a wide range of benefits, offerings and opportunities as a direct result of working for Bentley. The company offers a flexible and mobile model for working, and many manufacturing Colleagues benefit from a 35-hour working week to help promote a better work-life balance. Colleagues can become a member of the Bentley Money Purchase Section of the Volkswagen Group Pension Scheme (BMPS), which helps to provide Colleagues with an income at retirement. Bentley also offers Colleagues an on-site discounted restaurant that caters for all Colleague allergy and dietary requirements.

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Bentley encourages Colleagues to stay healthy and productive. An on-site health centre, with four Health Check Kiosks, enables Colleagues to easily keep track of key health indicators such as Body Mass Index (BMI), weight and heart rate. This service is supplemented by the Bupa Boost Mobile App, through which Colleagues can get tailored services ranging from nutrition to fitness. The health centre also offers advice and education on health-related matters and provides access to foot care, physiotherapy and counselling services to Colleagues where the service is necessary.

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BeFit is a year-long programme designed to provide Colleagues with information on three key areas: nutrition, fitness and mental health. In 2018, over 1,400 Colleagues participated in ‘bitesize’ workshops and events, as well as receiving one-to-one support and health checks. BeFit works closely with the on-site Occupational Health Team and Catering Team to deliver a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, in conjunction with projects and events to help positively change the Bentley ethos and culture. Workshops are held to encourage the monitoring of mental health in order to identify early signs of stress among fellow Colleagues. The BeFit services assist Colleagues wishing to participate in free sports sessions provided by the Legends Fitness Centre, located on the Crewe site. BeFit works in partnership with external stakeholders such as Chester University and the National Health Service (NHS) to help deliver a diverse range of preventative-health seminars and events. Additionally, the BeFit programme has been recognised by the annual Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), and has been awarded by the UK Active as the workplace of the year 2018.

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Bentley takes the health and safety of all Colleagues, contractors and visitors extremely seriously. The company is constantly looking at ways to make the working environment as safe as possible, and involves Colleagues at all levels in this process. Bentley believes that everyone has the right to be safe at work. Monthly BeSafe briefings delivered by local management highlight different health and safety topics. During these briefings, Colleagues can explore risks involved within health and safety issues and discuss ways to deal with them within the workplace.

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In 2018, Bentley introduced the Lift-share scheme. Bentley now has 803 Colleagues taking part in the scheme, with over 6.1 million miles being saved by members.

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Bentley’s Cycle2Work scheme enables Colleagues to benefit from significant savings on the cost of a new bicycle and/or cycling safety equipment provided by Halfords. The Cycle2Work scheme saw a 21% increase in total value between 2017 and 2019, and a 17% increase in the number of applications for the same period. Commuting by bicycle gives Colleagues the benefit of physical exercise twice a day, helping to contribute towards a healthy lifestyle. Plus it also reduces congestion and some vehicle emissions.

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