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At Bentley we believe that a fit and healthy workforce contributes significantly to productivity, quality and creativity. Therefore we take significant measures to enhance the physical and mental wellbeing of every employee through our BeFit, BeHealthy and BeSafe initiatives, which are an integral part of the company’s HR Strategy.


Fit for Life

Bentley’s BeFit programme is designed to offer staff information on nutrition, provide guidance on physical fitness and offer advice on mental wellbeing. More than 900 employees already take advantage of the 16 different sports sections offered at our Legends Health and Fitness Centre, and that figure will grow as we progress towards our 2025 goal for Health and Wellbeing.

In early 2017 we introduced four new Health Check Kiosks throughout the Crewe site, which enable our workforce to easily keep track of their weight, blood pressure, heart rate, heart age, body mass index and body-fat percentage. We also offer personnel a free Bupa Boost mobile app, which they can use to set tailored goals for nutrition, fitness, mindfulness and relaxation.

In addition, regular workshops are held to promote the importance of monitoring mental health, with a focus on spotting early signs of stress and the importance of a good night’s sleep.

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Healthy Eating

Our BeHealthy programme is designed to help everyone at Bentley become more aware of the importance of a balanced diet and the benefits it can bring. Everyone visiting the onsite restaurant can choose from a wide range of healthy food and drink options, where electronic digital displays show nutritional information on each dish.

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Safety First

Staff safety is a priority at Bentley. Delivered by management each month, our BeSafe Briefings focus on a different safety topic. During discussions, employees are actively encouraged to consider the risks of specific health and safety issues and how to deal with them in their workplace. Bentley has also set-up a ‘First Response Team,’ professionally trained to respond to any emergencies at the company.