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Code of Conduct

Risk & Compliance
Minimising risk is a key element of Bentley’s corporate strategy aimed at ensuring long term success. This is why at Bentley all our employees play an integral part in managing risk by working to ensure they always comply with all internal policies, rules and regulations – and to the highest standards of personal integrity.

The risk management and compliance management system deployed at Bentley (based on VW Group methodology) seeks to safeguard our strategic and operational corporate objectives.

Compliance at Bentley is practiced through multiple activities whose overall aim is to ensure that the Board of Management and all our employees act in accordance with internal regulations and all legal requirements.

On an ongoing basis, Compliance training and related communications serve to create a consistent, collective awareness of compliance-related issues across our business.

Our Code of Conduct
This outlines the ethical principles and behaviours which we expect from all of our employees in our business dealings, and also indicates clearly the standards we expect from all our business partners, and others working for or on behalf of Bentley.