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Responsible Manufacturing

Over the past 15 years Bentley has witnessed a tenfold increase in production and the introduction of new model lines. However, despite this expansion energy use per vehicle produced has fallen significantly. We are currently making successful progress on a five-year plan to lessen our environmental impact by 25 per cent by 2018 on a 2010 baseline. These plans are currently under review to stretch the target further for 2025.

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Raising standards in manufacturing

Following significant reductions in key environmental areas, Bentley has become the first UK automotive manufacturer to be awarded the Carbon Trust Standards for carbon, water and waste respectively. Our Crewe headquarters was the first UK automotive plant to achieve the internationally recognised ISO 14001 (2015) environmental and ISO 50001 energy management standards.


Sustainable energy

Solar power
100% of Bentley’s on site electricity is produced by either solar panels or purchased as certified green energy. The recent installation of 10,000 solar panels at Bentley’s factory in Crewe, which have a capacity of 2.7MW, cover 1,378 car parking spaces and an area of 16,426m², forming the UK’s largest solar car port. Bentley’s total on-site solar panel energy capacity is now 7.7MW, produced by a total of 30,815 individual solar panels - enough to cover over 1,750 homes. The system could reduce CO2 by 3,300 tonnes per year.

Water usage
By replacing intensive water processes on site with circulating systems to enable reuse of water and avoid unnecessary waste, water usage was reduced from 20.91m3 per vehicle in 2010, to 11.00m3 per vehicle in 2016.

Bentley is committed to maximising its recycling potential and to divert waste going to landfill. Recycling is actively encouraged throughout the Pyms Lane site, and thanks to the use of recycling facilities both in offices and on the production line we have increased recycling rates and achieved zero-to-landfill waste levels during several months.

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Smart supply

A reduction in parts handling of around 30 per cent has been achieved by the incorporation of a logistics centre adjacent to the main supply hall, which has helped to greatly reduce road deliveries. As a member of the Volkswagen Group, Bentley draws upon a joint worldwide component and material supply pool. Before potential suppliers are permitted to submit a bid, they must agree to comply with the Group’s rigorous requirements for business partners.



With the help of local beekeepers, two national hives, which are collectively home to 120,000 British Apis Mellifera honey bees, have been installed on grassland at the edge of the Bentley site. The area has been sown with bee friendly wild flowers – and as it borders the Cheshire countryside, it is proving to be the perfect habitat for the bees.